We fundamentally believe in developmentally appropriate therapy. As a result, we provide an environment that is individually designed for your toddler, preschooler, or school aged child. All children are different and in fact can have different preferences and needs not only during different stages of their development, but from day to day! As a result, we believe in using a child directed (but therapist designed) therapy approach.

Learning Can Be Fun!

We have found that children learn best when having fun. Sometimes they don't even know they are learning! When appropriately challenged in a fun and loving environment, it shows in a child's joy in coming to therapy. We love hearing parents exclaim how much their son or daughter enjoys coming to therapy. It says a lot when a child cries because it's time to leave, not because it's time to go to therapy.

Functional Communication Improves Life

We believe in establishing a functional communication system as quickly as possible for clients of all ages, whether it is a picture system using photographs or picture symbols (e.g., Mayor-Johnson PECS symbols), sign language, spoken words.

Parents Are The Key

You are your child's most fundamental teacher therefore, we believe in making parents an integral part of therapy. We believe in having parents observe their child's therapy session. Therapy is not only designed to improve your child's communication, but also to teach you techniques specific to your child's development.

Our Approach

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